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Artist in Residence 2012/2014

Liliane Schaus asked Fabrice Ramalingom to become artist in residence at Uzès Dance 2012 following his long-term friend and collaborator Christophe Haleb. The Uzès Dance Festival reunites artists, and then offers support to the projects that blossom from these collaborations.

It is a relatively new project but it’s particularity is to be connected to a network of european structures in order to develop the choreography throughout Europe.

In parallel Liliane Schaus is fighting to open a Centre of Choreography in Uzes giving a permanent home to the project in the region.

It is this collaborative space that particularly interests Fabrice as it echoes his own work with his company that is also anchored in the region Languedoc-Roussillon, better to shine outside its borders.

In parallel to this aid to the creation and its diffusion, le CDC has also proposed Fabrice a series of workshops, conferences, masterclasses and collaborations in order to sensiblise a larger public not only in Uzes but also though out the region of Uzege.