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A franco-czech collaborative project created 23 – 24 February 2011, Studio Alta, Prague.

Choreography : Fabrice Ramalingom
Dancers : Eliska Kasparová, Palo Krsiak, Tereza Lenerová, Honza Malík, Lea Svejdová
Projects assistant : Zdenka Brungot Svitekova

Music : Jan Kalivoda
Lighting : Michael Vodenka
Costumes : Katerina Stefkova
Production : R.A.M.a / Nanohach company

With the aid of: City of Prague, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, Association Alt@rt, the French Institute of Prague and the Duncan Center Prague.

“Prague. Coming to this part of Europe that I don’t know. Meeting the company Nanohach. To share my dance and all that moves me. Meeting with another way to enter my dance, the dance. The Nanohach dancers are strangers to me as I am to them. But this is not a disadvantage, on the contrary, they are a mysterious and intriguing force. Taming each other through the language of dance. Body to body, communicating and becoming one. Like animals. Relying on this archaic state of relations and yet also a great intelligence. Paradox.

Brut is a dance work. Brut does not have a narrative theme.
Brut is an exposure of raw materials allowing outcries of tension and emotion.
Brut is an exploration of the animal that surges through a movement, a gust, a grimace.
Brut it is a collision of bodies. A mass, a tribe, a pack.
Brut is a scream of flesh and bones, gestures and movements thrown or spat out.
Alive. Brut. 

    / Calendar

    January / February 2011

  • from January 24 to February 22 / residency Prague – Czech Republic
  • February 2011

  • February 23 and 24 / creation Studio Alta / Prague –Czech Republic
  • March 2011

  • March 1 / Théâtre 29 in City / Pardubice – Czech Republic
  • April 2011

  • April 19 / Duncan Centre Théâtre / Prague – République Tchèque
  • September 2011

  • September 14 / Festival Divaldo Pilsen / Czech Republic
  • March 2012

  • March 30 / Centrum Dox – Prague – République Tchèque
  • April 2012

  • April 15 / studio Alta - République Tchèque
  • July 2012

  • July 14 / Music Festival Colours of Ostrava - République Tchèque
/ Pictures © Aneta Sebelkova