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Created 3 April 2009, Espace Cathare de Limoux

Conception – choreography : Fabrice Ramalingom
Interpretation : Lorenzo Dallaï
Music : Fany Corral (Kill The DJ)
Costumes : Eric Martin
Production : R.A.M.a
Coproductions : Théâtre des 3 ponts – Castelnaudary, Espace Culturel des Corbières – Ferrals les Corbières

“I asked Eric Martin to create a costume that would allow different states of metamorphosis; from man to animal; from animal to monster; from monster to the thing; from the thing to the disappearance/appearance of the subject. When the dancer Lorenzo Dallai wears it, he creates an multiform object-body, a curiosity that melts and stretches and that offers the spectator a slow evolution, a voyage between pleats and folds.

A game of visibility/invisiblity, of hidden and revealed.

With this solo, I wanted to continue the work began in Fiction in Between, on the idea of the hidden body revealed and the creation of other dimension. Through this solo, I wished to experiment with new spaces; art galleries or mediatheques and reach a younger audience.”

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    April 2009

  • April 3 / Espace Cathare de Limoux
  • September 2009

  • September 11 / L’Atelier, lieu d’art visuel à Apt
  • March 2010

  • March 30 / Théâtre des 3 Ponts à Castelnaudary
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  • June 3 / Festival Effervescence à Cholet
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  • June 14 / Festival Uzès Danse 2013
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