Pandora Box Body

Pandora Box Body

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Created 28 June 2010, Festival Montpellier Danse

Conception, choreography : Fabrice Ramalingom
Music : Chloé (Kill The DJ)

Dance and interpretation : Florence Augendre, Lorenzo Dallai, Ghyslaine Gau, Fabrice Ramalingom, Stephen Thompson, Emilio Urbina
Scenography and costumes : Thierry Grapotte
Lighting designer : Maryse Gautier
Lighting : Bruno Marsol
Sound : Benjamin Furbacco
Wigs : John Nollet
Production : R.A.M.a
Coproductions : Festival Montpellier Danse 2010, Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (Angers), Kill The DJ.

With the aid of Centre National de la Danse (Pantin), ADAMI and the Maison des Arts de Créteil.

“Since my first works, the question of the presence of the subject interpreter on the stage has been important to me. Little by little, in the evolution of my work, and to intensify this presence, the balance has changed on order to concentrate on the subject of appearance and disappearance.

With Pandora’s Box/Body, I wished to displace this question of presence/absence from the dancer’s body to the stage itself.

A transformation of the space, which develops throughout the whole piece, a transformation that goes fro; the lightest to the darkest, from the ;oct open to the hidden. A transformation that will be a long crossing, an Odysee. That will allow the bodies to be revealed in different qualities or presence, in different qualities of dance.

I studied ‘Vanites’, still lives from the XVI and XVII century and contemporary artworks that address the same subject. I realized that the link I constructed between the presence of the dancers and death, or rather its representation; Pandora’s Box/Body has been constructed as a ‘Vanite’.

In order to write a work as I imagined it and that questions the intense presence of the interpreter, I built a team of danseurs who would be able to fulfill this ambitious project. Artists that could at the same time act and dance in the different registers of the piece, which vary from the most performance-based dance to the most theatral interpretation.

For the music, I asked Chloe to work with me again> This time on stage. She incarnates the music. Creating sound landscapes inviting us into the rhythm but also into the dream and the mystery.”

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  • June 2 / au festival Effervescence à Cholet – France
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