POSTURAL : études

POSTURAL : études

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First performed on July 2th and 3th 2007 at the Chai du Terral / Festival Monpellier Danse.

Choreography – conception : Fabrice Ramalingom
Assistants : Vincent Druguet – Lorenzo Dallaï
Lights : Maryse Gautier
Production : R.A.M.a
Coproduction : Festival Montpellier Danse

Take a crowd on stage.
Some people.
Some dancer, maybe, but not uniquely.
Men of all ages especially.
Ask them to expose themselves, just as an artist model for a body exhibition.

By successive poses or postures, which inspire the states of everyday bodies or picturals,  they will change this scientific work to a poetic one, at the height of their experience and of their personality.

How the posture becomes theatrical ?

Does theatricality affect a posture ?

Can one postural form create a different  sense ? which sense ?

Using material of positions, of postures, of attitudes. Working with  this usual tool, daily and trivial, organizing it, combining it.

Taking a way a sense of dramatism.

Writing the scores of the succession.

Leaves way for the spectacle to emerge.

Postural was made by:
Jean-Pierre Alvarez, Patrice Barthes, Mathias Beyler, Christophe Brombin, Luis Corvalan, Lorenzo Dallaï, Ludwig Dufour, Julien Guyon, Leonardo Montecchia, Karl Paquemar, Dominique Ravé, Jean Rochereau, Claude Tortorici, Zitto, Catherine Bailleul, Sophie Barbaza, Béatrice Barrère, Marie-Laure Batigne, Marie Bunod, Ingrid Crespin, Carine Fumat, Sandrine Juares, Sylvie Laurens, Michèle Roques, Christine Sicre, Cécile Sol, Ienissei Teicher, Géraldine Vachon, Khaya Vaugelade. Jan-Willem Smeyers, Wim Mertens, Stephan Marchant, Jan Molenaers, Sander Van den Broeck, Johan Dils, Nicolas Gielkens, Stefan Michielsen, Mauricio Ramirez Carmona, Renaat Scheelen, Jef Stevens, Bert Walbers, Ka de Wandel, Jo Heyvaert, Ariel Cepeda, Dominique Gigante, Christophe Grillon, Bastien Hippocrate, Yan Juillerat, Jean Mertens, Marius Schaffter, Xavier Vasseur, Daniel Zahnd, Jean-Pierre Geissberger, Thang Dao, Killian Scartezzini, David Dejardin, Barthélémy Manias-Valmont, Pierre Cuinet, Jean Deroissart, Abdellah Noukrati, Aurélien Jablonka, Philippe Guiscand, Johann Fourriere, Yssouf Bila, Bertrand Dilles, Van-Kim Tran, Franck Hovelaque, Bertrand Foly, Dimitri La Sade


    / Calendar

    July 2007

  • July 2 and 3 / Creation Festival Montpellier Danse - France
  • February 2008

  • February 8 and 9 / Kampnagel à Hambourg - Allemagne
  • May 2009

  • May 16 and 30 / Centres culturels d’Anvers et de Genk - Belgique
  • June 2009

  • June 6 / Espace cathare de Quillan - France
  • June 13 / Scène Nationale de Narbonne - France
  • July 2009

  • July 26 / Domaine départemental de Chamarande, Festival Paris Quartier d’Eté - France
  • January 2010

  • January 30 / Condition Publique à Roubaix, co-programmation Danse à Lille et Vivat La Danse à Armentières - France
  • May 2010

  • May 27 / Festival de La Défense à Paris - France
  • October 2011

  • October 1 and 2 / Théâtre Sévelin 36 – Lausanne – Suisse
  • June 2014

  • June 13 / Festival Uzès Danse
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