Vancouver Versus Vancouver

Vancouver Versus Vancouver

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First performed on the 13th of March 2008 at the Vancouver International Dance Festival

Conception – choreography : Fabrice Ramalingom
Performance – choreography : Daelik, Delia Brett
Music : Chris Kelly, Matt Turner
Lights : Fabrice Ramalingom  et Maryse Gautier
Production : R.A.M.a, Machinenoisy
Coproductions : Conseil des Arts du Canada, British Columbia Arts Council
Support : Scène Nationale de Sète et du bassin de Thau

« Daelik and I were engaged by Benoit Lachambre as dancers for the creation «Lugares Comunes». We started then a richer exchange. Vancouver Versus Vancouver is a commission from the canadian company, MACHINENOISY, managed by Delia Brett and Daelik. Both of them, dancers and choreographers wished to find themselves interpretating a performance. Both of them actors before becoming dancers  had the pleasure to go back to the theater world. Both of them expert in contact dance, they played a game to please each other and used their knowledge in a different way. For the creation of Vancouver Versus Vancouver, I had wished to touch on the question of the narration in dance. Or how to link elements of the scenic space in order to write one or several stories. How we watch/see under the influence of what we hear/listen. To be specific, how we read the presence of the performers and  their actions under the influence of their recorded voices, then compose several levels of connection and dexterity. Stories and short stories cross and mix, and make stories.

Vancouver Versus Vancouver is a sensorial dispositive and it’s theatrically danced. It folds and unfolds, turns over on itself to open better.» 

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    March 2008

  • March 13 / Festival International de danse de Vancouver / Canada
  • May 2008

  • May 30 / Théâtre de Mireval - Scène Nationale de Sète et du bassin de Thau
  • November / December 2010

  • from November 30 to December 1 / cité internationale de la danse à Montpellier
  • December 2011

  • December 8 / Fire Hall Art Center à Vancouver / Canada
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